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What is AI automation?

AI automation is the process is programmatically using AI to interact with data. That data can be literally anything. It could be sales data from your CRM. It could be your employee handbook. It could be a contract from a service provider. The possibilities are truly endless. We can build custom AI Automation apps to integrate with just about anything.

What types of businesses can use AI automation?

— Startups

— Small Businesses

— Mid-Market

— Enterprise

Key Areas to implement AI Automation


Qualify Leads

Personalize Messaging

Sales Playbook Agent


Campaign Copy

Draft Blog Posts

Brand Voice Copy


Employee Handbook Agent

Qualify Resumes

Employee Onboarding Agent

Customer Support

Customer Support Agent

Product Specific Agent

Service Specific Agent


Draft Contracts

Find Contract  Negotiation Areas

Document Review & Analysis

Our AI Automation Process

Map and Scope

We map, scope and plan your AI agent or app build.

Build and Test

We build the initial draft and then test for optimal results.


We deliver your final app or agent for you to use and scale your business with.


*Does not include ongoing usage costs*

Basic Agent
Best for simple tasks.
Starting at:
Ongoing usage costs apply.
Built for your specific need
Trained on your unique content
Developed in Airops
GPT or Claude Model
Advanced Agent
Best for more advanced workflows.
Starting at:
Ongoing usage costs apply.
Built for your specific need
Trained on your unique content
Developed in Airops
GPT or Claude Model
Complex Agent
Best for highly advanced workflows.
Ongoing usage costs apply.
Built for your specific need
Trained on your unique content
Developed in Airops
GPT or Claude Model
API Integration
Custom Integrations

What our clients say

What are the biggest opportunities for growth and cost savings?

We don't want to limit your thinking as to what AI can assist with, but we think the biggest opportunities right now are in Marketing, Sales, HR, Customer support, Admin and Legal assistive AI automation. We can help create custom apps that save time, money and help your business run more efficiently.

What do I do now?

Reach out to us to see how our team can help! We have built AI agents to scan through large org SAAS contracts to find opportunities to negotiate We have built service and product specific AI agents that can answer customer questions. We have built AI agents to draft service proposals and contracts. Keep an open mind when thinking about ways AI automation can help your business scale and cut costs. Always keep ethical concerns in mind. We believe assistive AI is the best way forward as the technology advances.

What LLM models and tech stack do we use?

We can access almost any LLM model. We really like ChatGPT 4 32k which has a large context window. Claude 2 100k has any even larger context window. We currently only use Airops as our tool to build custom AI agents and apps. Airops allows up to build essentially anything you can imagine. We can integrate with APIs, Code, and so much more.

Pricing: How much does it cost to implement AI automation?

The cost can very greatly. However, we are confident that the cost to build an agent or app will pay itself off simply by the cost savings it can bring. For a simple agent, build costs could be as little as a few hundred dollars to build + usage costs. A complex agent could cost thousands of dollars to build + usage costs. Another way you can work with us is on a monthly retainer. Pay a flat monthly fee each month as we build apps for each part of your business to streamline, save money and run more efficiently. Reach out to us for a quote to build your custom agent or app.


What is an AI Agent?

An AI Agent is an app that has been trained on a specific set of data. Once setup, you can interact with the AI Agent and only get repsonses related to the data given. An example of this could be an employee handbook. Once trained, new employees and ask a question and get a response related to the employee handbook. There are many more use cases for AI Agents than just this.

Can AI be trusted to automate?

Automating with AI is generally safe and reliable to an extent. We always recommend that anything AI processes gets looked over by a human. The key focus of AI Automation is to handle those tedious tasks. It's worth mentioning that we have ways to make AI process very programmatically. Essentially following a script that it does not vary from. This make automating with AI reliable and consistent.

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