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A library of frequently asked questions about Webflow!

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Is Webflow a CMS?

Yes! Webflow CMS is one the most powerful features Webflow has to offer! It allows you to build out massive content structures with ease. Webflow CMS also is great for things like programmatic SEO pages. You can seamlessly scale content. Ask us about it!

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What are the Webflow CMS limits?

Webflow CMS Limits Pricing Chart
Updated: 8/8/23
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Is Webflow secure?

Yes, Webflow sites are hosted on AWS, arguably the most secure hosting in existence. Webflow, the product itself, also goes to great lengths to be secure. Read more about Webflow's SOC 2 Type II compliance here.

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What is Webflow?

Webflow is a website builder tool, website hosting, CMS and more all wrapped up in one. It is our personal go to choice for building any website!

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Can Webflow be self hosted?

Simply put, yes. However, Webflow hosting is one of the major benefits of Webflow! It is powered by AWS and is incredibly fast and reliable! You can export your code and host elsewhere, but any CMS items and Forms will break and no longer work. We strongly  recommend hosting with Webflow!

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Is Webflow SEO friendly?

Yes! Webflow is incredible for SEO. Every website we have migrated has seen a boost in SEO! Webflow code is very clean and semantic. This helps Google understand your site much more easily and index pages much faster! Need more convincing? Ask us about it!

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How does Webflow pricing work?

Don't worry, you and many other people are confused.

Webflow Pricing requires two things:

  1. A site plan
  2. A workspace plan

Choose what works for your needs. Keep in mind that EVERY site needs its own site plan. Basically if you have two different domains they each need a site plan.
Have more questions? Ask us!

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Is Webflow good for SEO?

Yes! Webflow is incredible for SEO. Every website we have migrated has seen a boost in SEO! Webflow code is very clean and semantic. This helps Google understand your site much more easily and index pages much faster! Need more convincing? Ask us about it!

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What is Webflow CMS?

Webflow CMS is an incredibly powerful spreadsheet essentially. You fill in the data once, then place that data anywhere on your website and design it however you see fit. Think of it like dynamic content. Let's say you want to create a blog in Webflow. You design the page ONCE. Then, every time you write a blog, simply fill in the data, and Webflow automatically create a new page for that blog. This is super powerful and can be used for so much more!

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Can Webflow integrate with Shopify?

Yes and no. The simplest solution is to use the Shopify Buy Button, but that isn't always a great solution. Another solution is to build a custom integration and pass data back and forth for every product. This again would be incredibly difficult to manage. For most businesses it wouldn't be worth the cost to setup. A simple solution would be to simply link to your Shopify product pages. This causes a poor UX and could have a severe impact on conversions. Another option is to just use Webflow e-commerce. This comes with it's own set of limitations. Need to come up with a solution for this? Ask us about how we can help!

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Can you export code from Webflow?

Yes! Keep in mind that it comes with limitations regarding CMS and Forms. See this article for more info!

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Is Webflow worth it?

YES! Webflow is so worth it. Depending on what platforms you are used to, it may be difficult to see the benefits. Want to know if Webflow is right for your business? Ask us!

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What is a CMS item in Webflow?

A CMS item lives within a CMS collection. For example, if you had a CMS collection that included your blogs, each blog would be considered an CMS item. Then, within each CMS item you have fields. Fields can be numbers, rich text, reference, multi-reference and more!

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Are Webflow websites fast?

Yes! Webflow is hosted on AWS and is incredibly fast. Not to mention, the code is super clean and semantic. It tends to be about 1/10 of other website builders. Meaning it loads much faster. Still not convinced? Ask us about how Webflow can speed up your business website.

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Why is Webflow better than Wordpress?

Webflow allows you to build fully custom, scalable websites. Webflow is your builder and hosting in one. It also has many features that would require plugins when using Wordpress.

That means you get the cleanest semantic code we have ever seen. Pages load incredibly fast and your SEO will be far better than other platforms. Ask us about it.

Webflow components allow you to design a Nav bar/footer/etc once and place it anywhere else on your website. This means you can build pages incredibly fast.

Webflow CMS is also one of the most notable features of Webflow. You can whip up new landing pages incredibly fast.

A new blog? Simple and fast. Design the CMS template once and simply change the content.

Webflow handles the rest like the URL and dynamically fills in the Title tags and Meta Description when setup correctly.

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Does Webflow have analytics?

At this time Webflow does not have any built in analytics. There are rumors that they are working on this, but there is nothing official about if and when this might be available. There are many great 3rd party tools. Like Fathom, Plausible & Humblytics.

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What is a Webflow CMS collection?

A Webflow CMS collection holds all of your CMS items. Let's say you had a blog, this would be one CMS collection with a CMS item for each blog. Let's say you had an employee/team collection. Each team member would be a CMS item within the team collection. Let's go one step further. For each team member you have an image, job title, bio and fun fact. Each of these would be a field within each CMS item. They would of course be different for each team member. It may be helpful to think of it like a spreadsheet. To recap: A Webflow CMS collection holds CMS items with hold CMS fields.

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Who is Webflow for?

We would argue for every business that wants to scale their marketing efforts and make management seamless. For businesses who are tired of being held back by a CMS that doesn't empower them. Rather it hinders their marketing efforts. Have more questions? Ask us!

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How much does a Webflow CMS plan cost?

A Webflow CMS plan costs $29/month billed monthly and $23/month billed yearly. Keep in mind that you may need a workspace plan depending on your needs. See the full pricing page here.

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How does Webflow CMS work?

Webflow CMS is essentially a spreadsheet. Once you add the content, you can dynamically update the content anywhere on the website. It is super powerful! Want to create a blog? Design the blog page once and simply add the content for each new blog. It is such a seamless process. Need a team member page? Design it once and simply add the content to the CMS. Anytime you need to add a new team member you simply add a CMS item for them. That item can include many different fields like Rich text, Images, Links and more! Wondering if Webflow CMS is the right fit for you? Ask us about it!

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How do you optimize Webflow for the best SEO?

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