Down markets and down pipeline. How can SEO help?

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December 15, 2023

Would you rather have a down pipeline or an empty one?

That is question many companies are unknowingly asking right now.

Do we spend on marketing or not?

What if you spend just enough to stay ahead of the competition?

Maybe that will suffice for getting you through The Great Depression of the 21st century.

What if you budget something rather than nothing?

A few weeks ago every company I was talking was ready to budget for Q1 and launch an SEO campaign.

All of a sudden we are looking at Q2 to "maybe" launch.The markets are bad.How are you securing pipeline?

Why is SEO the first to get cut in marketing?

Arguably one the strongest marketing channels for long term and lasting growth gets the short end of the stick.

You will reap the budgeting decisions you make now for the next few quarters.

Choose wisely.

Reach out if you are looking to grow in this down market.

We have been using AI to innovate and streamline what we can in SEO to provide loads of value at a lot of different price points.